Craig Isbel

如果你常年生活在巴罗莎产区,也许你听说过这个名字; 如果你是在中国市场与奔富齐名的托布雷酒庄(Torbreck Wines)忠实拥趸,也许你听过这个名字;如果你是精品酒爱好者,也许你也听说过这个名字。而现在,克雷格·伊贝尔 (Craig Isbel)又有了另外一个全新的身份 – 三溪之地酒庄总酿酒师


▲ 工作中的克雷格

1998年,年轻的克雷格(Craig Isbel)大学毕业后和两个好朋友驾驶着一辆1980年的VB Commodore,开始寻找生活的意义。养过牛,种过葡萄,开过拖拉机,采过矿,管理过芒果园,还在马戏团工作过,最终这些男孩在西澳的玛格丽特河葡萄酒产区找到了自己的梦想——酿酒。 


▲ 克雷格与家人



▲ 克雷格自有精品酒品牌Izway

2020年克雷格担纲Triple Creek三溪之地总酿酒师,酝酿了多年的三溪之地品牌将在不久之后,以全新的面貌推向市场,敬请期待。作为三溪之地的总酿酒师,克雷格认为2021年是一个值得期待的年份,无论是果实生长情况或是果实的风味,都处在一个十分良好的状态,今年我们也将会一如既往的酿造出品质优异的葡萄酒。


▲ 三溪之地总酿酒师 克雷格 和 百乐庄经理 多伦姆 三溪之地,敬请期待!

Blickinstal Digital Guest Book

Blickinstal Digital Guest Book

We thank you for choosing to stay with us and we have put together to some valuable information in this folder to help you further enjoy your stay with us and enjoy the Beautiful Barossa Valley.

Blickinstal – Means “View to the valley” and the property is made up of 20 acres, 10 of which consists of the vineyard.
The Vineyard is planted to 8 acres of Premium Dry Grown Shiraz, 2 acres of Premium Dry Grown Cabernet, both low yielding but high- quality fruit.

We also have a small orchid planted with various variety’s of seasonal fruit trees, please feel free to enjoy the orchid and if you see some ripe fruit we are happy for you to pick and enjoy the fruits of our labour. But please leave some for the next visitors.

In the small paddock next to the Lodge’s you will see our Alpaca Jingjing – which means quiet, he is there to look after the sheep. The friendly big fluffy cat is called Roxy she is doing a great job keeping the mice population under control.

The WIFI configuration:

If you booking the room in the lodge;



If you booking the room in the studio;



* Other WIFI signals are not operated by us unless further notification.

Please Note – Smoking is not permitted in the rooms. If Smoking outside as we are in a rural area please ensure that once you have

finished your Smoke it is completely extinguished.


Latest Updated at 14/Oct/2019

Terms & Conditions


Checkin time: 15:00pm -17:00pm

Checkout time: 10:00am -10:30am

Cancellation and prepayment policies

Full payment is required on booking.

Guest can cancel free of charge until 14 days of arrival.

Cancellation received within 14 days of arrival will incur full payment for 1
night booking and 50% payment for 2 nights or more.

Failure to arrive will be treated as a No-Show and will incur the same policy as