Room Information

Your Room is self-contained and fully equipped with all you will need for your stay, including cooking utensils / frypans and saucepan. If there is something extra that you think you may require please let us know.

You will find breakfast supplies in the kitchenette and any perishable items will be in the small under bench fridge.

There is also a laundry within each block of accommodation which has extra water in there if needed, this also contains iron and ironing board as well as washing machine and dryer if you are staying with us for longer periods of time. You will find some soap powder in the laundry.

Also located in the laundry is a selection of DVD

Air-Conditioning – To operate just press the Normal button to switch it on and wait a few minutes to defrost before the air starts to flow, then once you receive steady airflow adjust the temperature to your comfort level.

TV – Instructions are located in the draw in the bedside table. Bathroom – has an extra supply of towels in the cupboard if needed. Be mindful as we are in a rural setting that if you have your doors open keep a watch for any unwanted guests trying to visit such as flys/bugs and on the odd occasion lizards.

Water – Most of our water supply is harvested rain water collected, so please be mindful of water use and as our septic system is not connected to mains / Barossa Town system please do not place any Nappies or Sanitary items in there.

Barbecues – you will find barbecues located at various places around the property, please feel free to use them and if you move a barbeque to another position please return it after use so other guests can enjoy it as well.

Electrical Fault – if for any reason a power point or appliance isn’t operating please check in the Laundry there is a switch board and one of the fuses may have tripped, so just put it back into the on position. If it continually trips then make contact on one of the numbers listed below. As we are in the country on some occasion’s there are some short term power outages, generally at the most inconvenient time.

Check out – check out time is 10.30am please check your room carefully prior to departure to ensure you have collected all your items.

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