Blickinstal Classic Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon



Variety:Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine region:Limestone Coast

Alcohol degree:15.0%

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“Blickinstal” means “Beautiful Vine of the Valley”; to us it’s a name carefully chosen to reflect the equally rare range of wines we’ve produced since establishing the Blickinstal vineyard in Australia.

Limestone Coast is one of the most significant wine zones of Australia. Limestone forms the basis of the soil here, responsible for producing high-quality wine in this zone. An aromatic bouquet of ripe fruits, cherries and blackcurrants, with notes of freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate, peppermint, liquorice and subtle pepper, accompanied by spiced oak character. Thick and smooth with well-balanced fruit weight. Fine and chalky tannins on palate provide the wine with complex structure and finish.